Still in the thick of it all

Hello admired reader! Once again, it has shaken out to be quite a bit of time since our last post. We just wanted to let you know we’re still churning away at our sonic cauldron. We’ve got some song ideas in the works including one I particularly enjoy that I believe will end up being named, ‘This Changes Everything’. We’ve also been re-working our live show and hope to bring out the results quite soon. We hope you stick with us and keep listening as we continue to chug down the road with gratitude for your kind appreciations and thickening skin for life’s bumps and bruises. There is no perfection in human endeavor right? Love and respect your way from FMera in this promising new year.

The Latest!

Well it seems we’re at ripe time for a new posting! It also may seem as though we’ve been a touch ‘radio silent’ but the truth of the matter is we’ve actually been quite hard at work.

Firstly, we’re so happy to have had a new bass player join us who brings fresh legs and new insight to the band. His name is Jason Kowalskie and he is an absolute brilliant bass player. We’re fortunate to have him.

Secondly, with the advent of our new bass player some months ago, we’ve been moving forward with rehearsals to tighten up our set (reinvent it as you would) and prepare for live shows coming up soon.

Lastly, we’ve also been formulating new songs for future recording releases. One in particular, I really like may take the name of ‘Regret’ and I’m hoping it will be released soon.

Thanks for reading and mostly, thanks for listening. We truly love the world of music and all of those who enjoy listening to it, experiencing it and contributing to it.

Much love to all,
Paul Welch

Album Release Party Date Confirmed – August 31

Following the release of our new album ‘Bloom’, it seems only appropriate that we should have an event to celebrate the accomplishment. We’re happy to announce the date for our album release party has been scheduled for Saturday night, August 31 at the Merrow (formerly the Ruby Room). More details will be coming soon as we fill out the bill with other bands that will be supporting the night. By the way, we’d like to extend many thanks to Lauren Ruggles for her assistance in booking shows. We’re very excited for this – we can’t wait to see you there.