FMera has been active since 2005. Below is a documentary that has been made recounting the life of FMera to date. We hope you have a moment to view it, as it gives a tremendous amount of information and a deep understanding.

Band members both active and inactive are:
Paul Welch
Mike Stauffer
Eugene Iglesias
Dustin Frelich
Nic Stauber
Kurt Dunlop
Jess Moore
Rene Ugarte
Mike Pineda
Jon Bachelor

The current active lineup is:
Paul Welch – lead vocals, multiple instruments
Eugene Iglesias – bass
Mike Pineda – keyboards and backing vocals
Jon Bachelor – drums and backing vocals

Somewhere between an electronically charged atomic particle and an algebraic function lay the band FMera (ef-em-er-uh). FMera extrapolates its post-Shoegazeresque era influences from bands such as Ride, the Cure, Interpol, the Smiths and New Order and masterfully weaves them into a mechanically timed and melodically spaced equation of undulating sounds. Heavy layers of rhythm guitar laced and chimed with notes ring high above the vocals, subdued in tone but not in volume. [This introductory paragraph was written by Mike Stauffer in 2005].

Fmera was formed in 2005 by Mike Stauffer, Paul Welch, Dustin Frelich and Eugene Iglesias. Lamentably, we have to add to this writing that Mike Stauffer passed away on February 27, 2022 due to a heart attack upon returning home from a jog/run. Mike was crucial in developing our sound and direction and talent base but apart from that he was far more than a band mate, he was a true brother to us through the years. Not only was he special to us, he was a loving family man and an unparalleled role model and father for his precious young daughters, Nina (age 12) and Drew (age 10). He was loved by so many and missed by so many. We are heartbroken.

Currently as it stands, FMera is fronted by Paul Welch, who had the humbling opportunity of playing keyboards on a regular basis with the legendary two-tone band, The English Beat. As a full-time member of The English Beat, Paul served on the front lines of an exhausting schedule that would take him through 48 states and three countries. In 2007 alone, he performed in over 120 concerts and in a handful of live radio performances across the United States. He began the year performing with the likes of INXS, UB40, Berlin, the Fixx and the Psychedelic Furs and then completed the year on 311’s “Unity Tour”, opening for Matisyahu and 311. During an England based tour with INXS, he performed at prestigious musical venues including The Apollo Hammersmith in London and the Birmingham Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

FMera is active to this day and continues to produce original new music as well as coming up from the depths to present live performances.

Below are videos of Paul Welch as keyboardist for the English Beat