FM·era extrapolates its Shoegazeresque sound and style from bands such as Joy Division, Ride, Interpol, Helio Sequence and the Temper Trap. Their songs are masterfully weaved into mechanically timed and melodically spaced equations of undulating sounds. Heavy layers of rhythm guitar laced and chimed with notes ring high above the vocals, subdued in tone but not in volume. With lyrics such as “my dear stranger” and “the trees shedding their coats in the rain”, words are not just notes on a piece of paper; rather they are intricate layers of the melodies that form the mind and soul of FM·era.


In 2008, FM·era recorded and released their debut single “Arriving”. The song was featured in the demo reel for SantiSound, a premier Los Angeles based post-production audio and video recording facility that serves some of Hollywood’s top movie studios.


In March 2010, FM·era released it’s debut EP, This Will Dissuade Me where the album was promoted in live on-air interviews with both 91X and 94.9, featured in the May 20th edition of the San Diego Reader article, “Rockin’ Like Debussy” and promoted through a 91X sponsored CD release party at the Ruby Room with fellow San Diego based rockers, the Italian Japanese. To date FM·era has headlined a performance at the Belly Up Tavern, performed at the 2010 & 2012 Adams Avenue Street Fair, played San Diego’s legendary musical showcase venue the Casbah, played with the award winning San Diego based bands the Heavy Guilt and the Dynamite Walls and was featured in SoundDiego Live’s “Blows Up North County” event.


In July 2011, FM·era released the single, “Shaping Machines”. “Shaping Machines” was engineered by Ben Moore and recorded in one of San Diego’s finest recording studios, Big Fish Studios. Both Big Fish Studios and Ben Moore helped play an integral role in the breakthrough success of San Diego’s very own, multi-platinum artists, Switchfoot and Blink 182.


In April of 2013, FM·era released a full album entitled, “Bloom”. The album consisted of 10 tracks recorded in FM·era’s own studio and was mixed and engineered by Paul Welch.


July of 2015 produced the release of the single, “This Changes Everything”. FM·era continues today producing and performing music whilst gently sinking like a stone since conception in 2005.


Paul Welch | Kurt Dunlop